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Transition/Success Coaching

Transition can be challenging, leaving you feeling lost, frustrated, and ultimately unprepared. Whether your child is moving into adulthood, you're navigating relationships with aging parents, wanting a new career, or advancing the one you have; I can help you figure out what you want and work with you to get you there. 

Inner Child Self Awareness

Your inner child has awesome information that can help you become more aware of how to move past the thinking patterns that seem to hold you back. This isn't therapy but it is a great partner to therapy and highly recommended while focusing in this area. The techniques we'll discuss can help you do the self-coaching needed with your inner dope kid when you are not in sessions. This will keep you not only moving forward but being gentle with yourself during the trip.

*Must currently be in therapy.

Dopeness Personified

Coaching is designed to be fun, well, at least when it's with me! You have taken an important step by choosing to invest your time, energy, and money with someone who is focused on helping you see not only where you can go but on how DOPE you already are. This type of coaching seeks to tap into areas of your greatness to help you generate more of that in your everyday life.


Wow, you're still here?! Ok great so guessing you want to know more about who I am and why this is important to me huh? No? Oh, you want to know how all this helps YOU!? Got it.

Well, my journey to coaching began with mentoring children and young adults while working as a videographer and photographer for a licensed therapist. Odd I know. But it exposed me to so many young people and of course, their parents who were struggling with mental health, relationships, careers, bullies and the list goes on. For several years I began working and studying mental health and those dealing with addiction. That work changed my life. 

I take all the experiences working with, caring about and holding space for others into the healing work I do in coaching. I am also a subject matter expert in the area of inner child awareness and healing. Watching someone wake up to all they are designed to be, get in the driver's seat of their life and overcome any number of challenges that many said they could not, has meant the world to me. I don't just do this work; I am this work. My own journey with mental health challenges, co-dependency, trauma and the healing that came after, helps me to empower and inspire those I meet daily. 

So there ya have it! Why I do it, whom I help and how it can help YOU. Because we all know THAT'S most important. YOU and that's who I am here for. So what are you waiting for? Book your session and let's get started.

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Chris Thomas,
Software Engineer

Coach Aziza has helped me navigate specific obstacles in my journey towards self-improvement and professional development. She's also taught me techniques and strategies to manage my emotions and gain deeper awareness of what information an emotion holds. After our time together my overall confidence and self-awareness has increased drastically. Aziza is an incredible listener, compassionate, caring and understanding. She is an outstanding addition to any organization or company she is apart of due to her incredible ability to seamlessly connect with young professionals such as myself. 


Heather Walker, Ph.D. Organizational Psychologist

I had the pleasure of attending one of Aziza's workshops about nurturing the inner child. The material must have sunk in because I went on to study levity at work as my dissertation topic. Aziza is an incredibly impactful speaker. She has the ability to connect with and engage the audience at the deepest levels. If you have a chance to attend one of her workshops you should certainly take it!


Tracie Berry-McGhee, M.Ed., LPC

Aziza is exactly what we all need, a coach to simplify life!